This year’s winner of the «Best Prototype» is IGM

The S8 phone display measures 5.8 inches diagonally, compared with 5.1 inches on the S7. The S8 Plus will be 6.2 inches, compared with S7 Edge 5.5 inches and the Note 7 5.7 inches. Both S8 models are taller than their predecessors, but widths are roughly the same to preserve one handed use..

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Hermes Kelly Replica The popular I Zone, sponsored by E Ink (booth 529) Hermes Birkin Replica, returned for its sixth year, and showcased cutting edge demos and prototypes that will lead to the products of tomorrow. This year’s winner of the «Best Prototype» is IGM, University of Stuttgart, who partnered with Hella KGaA Hueck Co. (I Zone, 5) to develop a novel headlamp with fully adaptive, driving beam technology that incorporates both active matrix LCD and LED technologies. Hermes Kelly Replica

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