The Star Plaza has been a huge economic boom and the hotel

«I myself have attended several dozens and dozens of functions at the Star Plaza, including the Crossroads gala and the town ball. The Star Plaza has been a huge economic boom and the hotel before that since the 1960s, and it’s sad to see it go. But they did an amazing job with the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, and if it’s along the same lines I would be very excited.».

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I was in Connecticut a few weeks ago and saw few homes with Christmas lights and I am sure it is the same way in the Atlanta area. With the media bombarding us with news about terrible jobs and economic data people everywhere are down and cutting back on everything. It is not just a So Fla thing..

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Just been watching a new trailer for Yooka Laylee and I’m really excited for the game and the return of the 3D platformer. I’d say I don’t know why they ever went away, but I guess it’s because most tended to be cut and cuddly and gamers began to think they were too mature for that. Thankfully they’ve seen better now and we’ve got Super Mario Odyssey and Crash Bandicoot remakes coming this year as well..

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2009: The 24 year old’s father said his son left Tunisia seven years ago, the brother says it was 2011. He travelled to Italy where, along with countless others, he landed on the island of Lampedusa. There he was convicted for helping start a fire, apparently part of a protest at facilities there..

As the calendar turns to December Canada Goose Sale, Christmas tree stands are beginning to pop up on open lots. In Gladwyne, firefighters have been selling trees for more than 50 years to raise money for the active members club. At their annual Christmas tree sale, 400 500 trees will be sold at $9 a foot for trees that range in height from 6 to 10 feet