Prosecutors said the 11th term Democrat and his district

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canada goose store Rep. Chaka Fattah was indicted Wednesday and accused of paying off a campaign loan with charitable donations and federal grants among other allegations. NBC10’s Jim Rosenfield has the details.Under indictment, Fattah cheap canada goose was stepping down from his post as the top Canada Goose Outlet Democrat on the House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees spending for Commerce, Justice, Science and related agencies.House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D Calif., said in Canada Goose Sale statement the charges «are deeply saddening.»»Congressman Fattah has been a tireless and effective advocate for America’s hard working families across more than 20 years of distinguished service in the House,» Pelosi said.Celeb Breakups: Aly Raisman and Colton UnderwoodDespite a long running federal investigation, Fattah maintained a busy public schedule and side by side with top Democrats, catching a ride to a Philadelphia event earlier this month with President Barack Obama on Air Force One.Prosecutors said the 11th term Democrat and his district director, Bonnie Bowser, passed mayoral and congressional campaign funds through a political consulting company to make 34 student loan payments on behalf of his son totaling $23,000.. canada goose store

canada goose black friday sale Dobson said he was nominated by the Association of Indiana Counties. The board was created in 2007 and modified this year as part of House Enrolled Act 1001, which places caps on property taxes. The caps are expected to cut the amount of money available for local governments canada goose black friday sale.