Marta, 31, has undergone training at the firm, including

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Prada Handbags The Spanish founder of the Zara fashion chain has overtaken Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man.Amancio Ortega’s personal fortune leapt by $1.7 billion this week to $79.5 billion taking the Inditex owner past the Microsoft co founder’s estimated $78.5 billion.Already Europe’s richest man, the 80 year old whose glamorous daughter Marta is expected to take over management of the business now tops the global list.Marta, 31, has undergone training at the firm, including stacking shelves when she was younger.Despite rumours that she is due to succeed her father, Inditex parent company to Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull will not confirm her as successor.Forbes reported that Ortega became the world’s richest man on Wednesday when Inditex shares went up 2.5 per cent.He now has a larger net worth than US investor Warren Buffett and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.It is not the first time Ortega has topped the list. He was briefly ahead of Bill Gates in October before a surge in Microsoft shares put him back in second place.Affordable imitations of catwalk designs can move from drawing board to store within two weeks Prada Outlet, and poor sellers are pulled off the shop floor even quicker.Last year, his sales blossomed as Inditex shares rose nearly 40 per cent.He holds a 59.3 per cent stake in what is now the world’s biggest fashion retailer, ahead of Gap and Hennes Mauritz.In a country recently emerged from a recession that destroyed businesses and jobs, Ortega is a rare self made mogul.The son of a railway worker started his professional life at 14 as a delivery boy with a shirtmaker in the wind swept northern city of Coruna.Within a few years he had set up a workshop making night gowns, lingerie and baby wear, and the first Zara opened in Spain in 1975.Ortega never gives interviews and is rarely photographed. He did not even attend the inaugural ringing of the stock market bell at the Madrid exchange when Inditex floated in 2001.In person, Ortega is a persuasive and enthusiastic businessman, who despite progressively handing over the day to day management of the company over the last decade continues as an active part of it, people familiar with Inditex say.He is known for selecting designs based on feedback from shop assistants who zero in on shoppers’ reactions.»If he speaks to a shop assistant and he likes what they had to say, he will pay more attention to that than to any of his managers,» a former Inditex director told Reuters.Since his ex wife and Inditex co founder Rosalia Mera died suddenly in August 2013, there has been intense speculation over the succession.His second wife Flora Perez, 61, sits on the board.Ortega’s majority stake in Inditex is held through another company, Pontegadea Inversiones, which Ortega has also used to channel the steady flow of dividends and build up a real estate portfolio with assets worth 8 billion euros at end 2014.This, as well as favourable inheritance laws in the Galician region, means that his heirs are likely to keep a tight control over the fashion empire Prada Handbags.