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Island bounty

Jersey is an island of outstanding natural beauty where the emphasis has always been on sustainability, from farming through to tourism, for which it has been given Green Globe status. The island’s landscape and warm climate produce some top-quality ingredients $950 new celine us 10 eu 40 dress black satin high heels classic pumps shoes box too replica celine bag price, be it potatoes grown in the fertile soil or oysters on the sea bed. Jersey’s farmers and small producers share a passion for what they do, and the Real Food Festival allows them to show their wares to a wider audience.

On the Jersey stand this year, alongside Jersey oysters and Jersey Royals — the king of new potatoes — will be fresh local crab, real Jersey ice-cream and locally brewed beer: all the ingredients for a perfect summer lunch.

Andrew Parkinson, head chef at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen, is so impressed by the quality of Jersey’s fresh seasonal produce that he has put it on the menu. Throughout May, diners at the restaurant can enjoy Jersey-sourced crab, bass, pollack, scallops, cream, asparagus, Jersey Royals and salads. Andrew will also be cooking Jersey produce at the festival.

One of the island’s greatest exports is the famous Jersey cow, but the animals that remain on the island probably enjoy the best life. With a gentle climate and more sunshine hours than the mainland, Jersey’s resident herds spend much of the year in pasture.

Jersey Dairy

Jersey Dairy, a farming cooperative, has strict rules of supply in terms of animal husbandry, and there is no factory farming on the island. $995 new celine patent leather brown platform heels with box size Richard Le Boutillier, one of the island’s 28 dairy farmers, has been farming for about 30 years and is passionate about his animals. «We try to $950 new celine us 10 eu 40 pony hair 2 keep the cows outdoors. Indoors we strive to recreate the conditions that will allow the cow to behave as it does outside with specially designed cubicles. The floor is made of compressed foam so that the cows can comfortably lie down.» Richard believes it’s the quality of the pasture and sea air that make 0 celine bag 17727 3abe 070c-13 Jersey cream so rich, but the pedigree of the cows also plays its part. «No other cattle has been allowed on to the island since the 18th century to ensure the purity of the breed.»

Jersey Dairy is bringing four of its ice-cream flavours to the festival: vanilla, dark chocolate, apple and cinnamon, and lemon and meringue.

Jersey $1150 celine burgundy suede & taupe leather platform sandal Royal new potatoes

A serving of Jersey Royals with a knob of butter and freshly chopped parsley delivers one of the flavours of British summer — perfect with grilled fish, a savoury tart or barbecued meat. Their rich, distinctive flavour comes from the fertile soil, gentle climate and the 0 celine bag 17610 3xvh 01bc207ex way they have been farmed for generations. Many farmers still use seaweed harvested from local beaches as a fertiliser — a practice that dates back to the 0 celine 173823ska 18cc carolina 12th century. Mainland Britain is the only place outside Jersey you can buy them. Enjoy them from April to June when they are at their most plentiful and flavoursome.

Jersey oysters

Jersey’s clean waters, naturally filtered by the tide, provide the ideal growing conditions $4350 authenic new celine medium box bag in camel brown leather gold hardware for oysters. Originally formed in $890 celine black leather brown snakeskin pointy toe loafers women’s sz 40 flats 1973, The Jersey Oyster Company has undergone a massive expansion since the start of the millennium and now exports 420 tonnes of oysters to France. Since the success of last year’s Real Food Festival, the company also exports over half a tonne of oysters each week to some of London’s best hotels, restaurants and stores. The company uses no chemicals at all during production, ensuring its oysters are natural and deliver a real taste of the sea.

Jersey Brewery

In one form or another, the Jersey Brewery has been part of island life for over a century. Head brewer and proud Jerseyman Paul Hurley, along with his team at the new state-of-the-art brewery at St Saviour, use their local expertise to ensure every pint that leaves the brewery is just right. As Jersey’s only brewery, they will be taking their gold medal-winning Mary Ann Best bottled beer to the festival for visitors to sample, which uses the finest roast chocolate malt to produce a deep ruby-coloured beer with a distinct hop aroma.

Jersey Black Butter

Jersey Black Butter, a jammy conserve that can be served with sweet and savoury dishes or simply spread on a scone, is made using a traditional local recipe using cider, lemons, sugar, liquorice, mixed spice and cinnamon. It was in danger of dying out until La Mare Estate $3100 celine medium luggage phantom handbag metallic blue calf reversed its fortunes. Having spent two years perfecting its recipe, La Mare, has picked up two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2008. Try it at the Real Food Festival.

Jersey fish

From its humble origins as a fish stall on the landing pier at Jersey harbour, the Fresh Fish Company now supplies many of the top restaurants and hotels in the country with the very best in seasonal fish and shellfish. Locals revere the company — which still runs the stall — as much for bubbly co-owner Vicky as for the excellent quality of its produce. Meet her at the festival.